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Both of the people either currently film for TVB or have worked for them in the past few years. There are probably more couples out there but these are the only ones I can think of offhand. I didn’t include any rumored couples since there are probably many people in TVB that are dating that no one knows about. As you can see, most of these relationships started on set! In the beginning, Moses admitted that he was pursuing her although he said they were taking things slowly. They were often caught entering and leaving the same premises and Evergreen Mak exposed that Aimee did bring her boyfriend Moses to see her making them an official couple.

Priscilla Wong

The year-old rising star, who has been dating Hong Kong A-list actor Kevin Cheng, 46, for the past year, is “completely comfortable” with the label, she says. So I shouldn’t mind it if he’s what people always associate me with. It’s not like one is the sidekick to the other.

TVB artistes Linda Chung and Ruco Chan were in Jordan filming a Sales Presentation clip for the new series “Big Wheel”. The storyline was about Ruco, who portrays a .

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Oriental Daily Translated by: Filming will also take place in four locations in Asia. The series is divided into four stories centered around ‘Tragic’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Metropolis’ and ‘Cartoon’.

Married But Available is a fashioned Hong Kong slang to describe the hidden marriage couples which is initially known as MBA. It first to be introduced in the Two Steps from Heaven in TVB drama. The drama first aired on March 13,

E” last Friday broadcast its finale, that night the ratings peaked at 44 points approximately 2. E becomes this year’s top rated series. Of the highest rating series, “D. E” although did not beat “Heart of Greed” record, ratings of 48 points, but “D. E” whole 25 episodes series averaged around 34 points approximately 2. E” last week of broadcast Monday-Friday average at 37 points, Friday night, the finale received high ratings as well reaching 41 points, peaking at 44 points; At the moment it is ‘s highest rating series.

E” all received high ratings. Yesterday when Roger learned that DIE received 44 points for its finale, he was so happy and said: Regarding to the Gag alternative ending for the series, audience were unsatisfied, they feel that the original ending of Yue Sir Roger Kwok one life trade for another life was better.

Roger said that he likes the original ending, he said: Also said that if Yue Sir didn’t die, there could be a sequel?

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Possessing a pure image, Linda had to retain secrecy in dating. When Linda realized the presence of reporters, she was frightened and decided to leave the scene and cancel her dinner plans. Her appearance was very casual and possessed no trace of a celebrity. It was difficult to spot her as a TVB fadan on the street. Transforming herself, Linda was careful to look around when she left her Tseung Kwan O apartment.

11 rows · Top ten drama series in ratings. The following is a list of TVB’s top serial dramas in by average ratings. The list includes premiere week, final week, and the finale episode ratings, as well as the average overall count of live Hong Kong viewers (in millions).

The scene was both touching and funny as the 1. The lovers gave a magic show together at the special stage last night. Wong prepared a surprise for Li when he got his hand squeezed by an iron clamp, which almost scared Li to tears. Then he appeared with a bunch of flowers and a ring. Thank god for having let us know each other and go through many difficulties together Would you like to marry me?

When the girl accepted, all the other celebrities present at the scene sent their blessings to the couple. Wong Cho Lam works for TVB as a stage actor, stage director, television actor, voice actor, DJ, television host, composer, lyricist, script writer and singer.

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Your mother rejects a year-old woman as your potential mate because she may be too old to bear children. A Weibo page for the show has been visited million times, and the first three episodes had more than million views online. Dating shows are not new in China.

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Deep and his girlfriend Jacqueline attended the event one after the other. They later explained that it was because their work was arranged separately. The reporter asked Jaqueline whether appearing as an couple together her earnings would be increased? She smiled and said that to not have her earnings reduced was already good enough.

When discussing about Nancy Wu and Kenneth Ma rumoured to be dating. Deep also congratulated Nancy. If it is true then I am really happy for her. If she finds a suitable guy I hope that she will be happy. Deep also stressed that he will not compare himself to him. But no matter who she dates, most important is that she is happy. He is no longer in contact with Nancy. I feel that she is prepared and ready.

And asked if the media had any pictures of Nancy and Kenneth being together.

Samantha Ko rumoured to be dating TVB music producer

More from my site Last updated on August 9th, at The names from other continents except Europe and America are very hard to hear. However, we cannot deny the fact that Chinese entertainment has made it possible to stand themselves on a global platform. Despite being limited, Yang Mi, a Chinese actress, and singer have proved herself as an aspiring actress on the global stage. Rumors about her having marriage issues are always making headlines.

Chan was the biggest winner of the awards ceremony with three accolades: My Favourite TVB Actor (the equivalent of the coveted TV King title), My Favourite TVB Onscreen Couple (with actress Nancy.

First Post of ! The successful couples of Bounty Lady, under the guidance of Dayo Wong: She is spoiled by him and possess all the qualities of a regular picky Hong Kong woman. She likes Joe Jack Hui , who is actually only friends with her because he wants to obtain the land of her father as Joe is a real estate developer. But she does not know that she has caught the eye of Ka Chun James Ng , who works at the gym she goes to.

After seeing him put pounds of weights on himself, she realizes that he is only doing so to feel how she normally lives life. Guang Nam Dayo Wong trains her to be more elegant and lady-like.

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