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And like all good updates, it means a lower price on a better product. Cable bills only go up, right? Here’s your chance to bring it down. See, most folks pay a monthly lease or rental charge for the modem supplied by their cable Internet provider Comcast, Time Warner and so on. Many providers will let you use your own modem instead, meaning you can do away with that monthly fee. So here’s some easy math: Price for a new one: Take note, however, that this is just a modem; it’s not also a router. If your existing modem is responsible for delivering Wi-Fi throughout your house, you’ll need to BYO router to this equation — and that will require some extra expense and setup.


Can a motorola surfboard white modem be setup by an iphone 5? WHAT IF… I connected the iphone’s Lightning cable to the modem’s usb port — then with my iphone’s browser, navigate to my isp’s modem registry, and so on… I’m trying to avoid my isp’s ridiculous setup fee! Thanks for your time. I have an apple tv, that will be hardwired to the modem for now, since i don’t have a PC or a wireless router Temporary. Dan Karas What are you trying to setup?

Motorola SB Modem not working with LINKSYS Wireless Router Have Time Warner Roadrunner and can connect to internet only though modem, but Linksys Router not reading modem signal. Posted by Anonymous on Nov 29,

Local Radio Configurations and Connectors: The control head is mounted directly to the front of the radio chassis, which is usually conveniently mounted near the operator, often under the vehicle’s dashboard or in a console. Only low- and mid-power radios can have control heads mounted to the front of the radio. High-power radios are trunk-mount only and have no provisions for a control head to be mounted in the front of them.

The HHCH is an exception, since it attaches to the radio with a cable and allows the radio to be placed almost anywhere in the vehicle. All control heads except the A9 head can be used with a dash-mount radio, however some may require a different or unique interconnect board, in particular, the HHCH and rotary knob heads because they use an actual potentiometer in the head to control the receive volume. Dual control heads are therefore not possible. The speaker, emergency switch, and ignition control wiring is handled through a rear-mounted DA connector.

A two-pin MaxTrac-style power connector is mounted on the power amplifier heat sink, at the rear of the radio. Rear DA Accessory Jack: Handles the speaker, ignition control one fused line , programming, emergency switch, and several VIP signals. The HHCH connects through this connector, however the radio itself can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle. This is the only dash-mount configuration that uses a DB connector.

How to Replace Your Cable Modem and Save Money

When the installer came out he brought with him my shiny new box which happened to be a Motorola DCT Of course I seemed to know more about installing the thing than the installer did and after a bit we finally got everything hooked up and working great. Like the old cable box page you may be wondering why I bother making a page about my cable box.

The answer is simple, HDTV. I realize that by now most people have seen HDTV so I may be preaching to the choir here but do yourself a favor and call your cable company and get yourself some HDTV.

There are various ways to sync and transfer photos between Motorola phone and computer. But they all have drawbacks. For example, you can use a USB cable to connect your phone to the computer and transfer files between your phone and computer through the USB connection.

You need to draw us a diagram or something, because your terminology is confusing at best. Ok, this makes more sense now. I did not know what the correct terms are for these different cables and wires and such. With that said, I have taken some pictures that hopefully will totally clarify things here. Of course, the power cord is connected and the coaxial cable is connected as well.

With that clarified, I can explain what I was doing previously by referencing the color of the network cable and hopefully it totally clear what I am referring to. So, what I was doing is inserting the grey cable into the yellow port LAN on the router and then connecting the black cable to the blue port WAN on the router and the port on the modem. So, if I am reading this properly that is exactly what HellDiver just wrote. So, I was doing it correctly then, I think ? Answer some questions for us; How many total clients computers, tablets, etc are you trying to connect?

And what kind of devices are they? Laptop, desktop, tablet, etc?

ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem

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Motorola MBPCONNECT, a baby monitor with WiFi HD camera to keep an eye on your child from the 5-inch in-home monitor or your compatible smartphone, tablet or computer.

Please click on a question to see its answers. Now the other feature of the Netgear Ac Wi-Fi docsis 3. So now let me explain something about Wi-Fi before I answer your question. For simplicity sake, b and g are the slowest, n and ac are the fastest. I just bought a new laptop and it had the ac technology already built into it. Can the firmware be updated by the user or only by the isp A: Netgear confirms that only your ISP can update the firmware.

Motorola SURFboard SB6141 (581902-022-00) 351.23 Mbps Cable Modem

Level 1 1 points Q: Connecting Motorola SB Cable Modem and AirPort Extreme I moved into a new house a couple of days ago so of course the first thing that I needed to do was get the home wireless up and running. My ISP is through Comcast. I purchased my own cable modem Motorola SB instead of renting and used my own AirPort Extreme as the wireless router. Once you’ve gone through the motions, you will be able to connect your Mac in my case Macbook directly to the modem via ethernet cable and access the internet.

So, basically the SB and the AE were not talking to each other despite being physically connected via ethernet cable.

New to FiOS, can I use my own modem and router. Forums Sign In cancel. Look up PON if you want to learn how it works. Enjoy. If a forum member gives an answer you like, give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem.

While a few Motorola modems ship with a built-in router, most connect only one computer to the Internet. If your business has a Belkin wired or wireless router, you can connect it to the Motorola modem to enable multiple computers to access the Internet through the DSL or cable connection. Connecting a Belkin router to your Motorola modem also allows you to add other devices that can expand your network even further, such as print servers for sharing printers or switches to allow more concurrent computer connections.

Shut down the computer and Motorola modem if you haven’t already done so. Disconnect from the modem the end of the Ethernet cable that leads from the modem to the host PC. Connect the other end of the cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the Motorola modem. Connect the Ethernet cable end that you disconnected from the modem to Port 1 on the Belkin router. Use Ethernet cables to connect other computers to the router and network.

SB6141: Installation Setup

July 10, , It may be implicit, but not actually pointed out. So basically, following the instructions is just doing things blindly, with no explanation of why has to be done this way or otherwise will happen. Can you provide more specific instructions on what to do? Typically this is related to what ISP device you are using to connect to the Internet. The ISP’s are getting more granular about this connection.

of downloading speeds up to 38Mbps. Motorola Surfboard Modem User’s Guides Motorola Gateway SBG Modem User’s Guide. Motorola the SB can be deployed without service. Cable modems have built-in with 4-step hook-up instructions and a note that the manual is available.

Motorola Sb Hook Up I was especially surprised at how he always gives me the first and last bite when we share food. Before running motorola sb hook up wire, add a ring terminal to the end. Rejection hurts, but being alone involuntarily certainly hurts worse. The “best” players in these games are always the ones who spend more money. You can use your high-speed, upgradeable cable modem to connect one or.

Before you connect or disconnect the USB or Ethernet cable from your cable. His internet went down this morning and the cable company had him switch to a Motorola Surfboard SB Lease with a new SB Trouble connecting Cisco router with cable modem for Internet purposes.

How To Check SURFboard Signal Status – Internet Troubleshooting and Fix