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You don’t need to buy new speakers to go wireless. Follow these simple tips to affordably add Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to an existing speaker set so you can pair it with your phone or tablet and stream your favorite music. We review products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. So, you have a pair of wired speakers that are connected to a stereo receiver you love, or maybe you have a self-powered pair, or a 2. But all of your friends are buying smart speakers they can talk to, or at least stream music to, and you want to get in on the wireless revolution. We’re here to help. There are plenty of ways to introduce wireless connectivity to your current setup, most of which are relatively inexpensive and easy to accomplish. Google Chromecast Audio This is the easiest solution if you have just one speaker you want to turn wireless a short daisy-chain of cables will let you run a stereo pair.

How to connect a laptop to TV

Do you want to configure Google chrome cast Setup on your iPhone 6 or 6s? If yes, then today, we are going to discuss the steps to configure it on your device. After getting connected to the Chromecast, you can easily cast iPhone photos, apps and videos on the TV screen. Now, we are going to discuss the Chromecast setup steps with you. You must read all the steps carefully and try it on your device.

How to cast iPhone contents to the TV with Google com Chromecast setup No doubt Chromecast dongles now start supporting iPhone but the chrome browser is yet not supported by apple devices.

Here is the deal! Turns out my “smart” TV can hook up to my home WiFi and access the internet, but has only a digital (0ptical) audio out, and does not have even a simple hedaphones jack.

Add to Wishlist Install KENWOOD Music Control is a player application that allows you to use a variety of playback methods in addition to the existing ones; for example, playing songs in the mood play list created depending on your mood each day or playing only hook-lines of you. Connecting your Android device to your Kenwood car audio system via a USB allows you to control playback of the songs in the Android device from the car audio system. Those modifications are applicable to the devices running Android 4.

If you are in a mood for listening to powerful songs today, you can analyze melodies of songs and easily create a playlist of songs classified as mood “Powerful. For example, the mood “Powerful” may describe your state of mind when you want to listen to powerful songs. Songs are analyzed and classified into the following categories of moods:

The 8 Best Ways To Make Your Home Audio System Wireless

By Justin Diaz March 23, , 3: While there are plenty of speakers already on the market that allow for a Bluetooth connection and also come with integrated Chromecast technology, if you’re serious about your home audio then you generally would have a receiver to help link all of that home audio together with other products, like the TV for example. In addition to the Chromecast tech, the receiver also comes with support for DTS Play-Fi as well as Flare Connect, and it supports multi-room audio so whatever you’re playing can be enjoyed throughout the whole house, though you’ll likely need to have the extra equipment to make this work.

Pioneer is known for its high-quality audio and things aren’t likely to be any different with this receiver.

SlingPlayer for Chromecast: SlingPlayer for Chromecast uses your Slingbox and SlingPlayer on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet to stream your TV programs to your Chromecast player, and then onto your TV. For more details, see the SlingPlayer for Chromecast FAQ, linked below.

Raumfeld Nest Nest is one of the best known manufacturers of smart home automation products, which include self-learning, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, smoke detectors and security cameras. See at Amazon SmartThings Samsung’s SmartThings is a very capable and customizable home automation system that features five different smart sensors for home monitoring, all linked together wirelessly via the Hub.

You can configure them however you like in your home, then get instant notifications if anything is out of the normal. SmartThings is incredibly versatile as it is, but we’re super excited to see what integration with Google Home will look like. The Phillips Hue lineup features a multitude of different lighting options for around your home, which must be configured through the Phillips Hue Bridge via.

You’re able to connect up to 50 lights to one Bridge and then configure and control them in so many different ways. We should expect Google Home to work just as well with Phillips Hue lights as it does with Apple Home Kit, meaning you’ll be able to set and adjust your Phillips Hue lights throughout your house without leaving the couch, or easily turn off all the lights when you’re leaving the house or it’s time for bed.

Both offer lumens of brightness, with options to customize the look with 16 million colors and shades of warm to cool whites. See at LIFX TP-Link Smart Home TP-Link offers a line of smart plugs and switches that allow you to convert the lamps and appliances you already own into smart devices you can automate to power on or control with your voice.

Their newest smart plug, the Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini , is their most compact option yet, leaving the second outlet free. See at Amazon Wink hub automation Wink’s latest smart home hub, the Wink Hub 2, works with products from Z-Wave and Zigbee , offering a wide range of home automation options. If you’ve built your home automation around a Wink Hub, you can control all your Wink-compatible lighting products lightbulbs, switches, dimmers, and outlets and thermostats using Google Assistant on Google home.

It’s all integrated right into the Google Home app, letting you group lights in specific rooms and control everything using only your voice and Google Assistant.

Setting up an HDMI System

Benny Just got done setting up my Chromecast and can answer some “connecting to a receiver” questions. Works fine when you switch to the proper HDMI. Most Netflix movies are encoded in 5. Think of it like virtual 5. Some movies are still encoded in stereo such as Avengers which I was surprised by.

Aug 07,  · The solution to pass the audio through your TV and use its digital audio out is the simplest, but there’s one complication here: many TVs will not pass through a multi-channel bitstream from HDMI in to optical out — only a signal from over the air.

How does that actually sell anything? AV Cast and Tube for Chromecast are a couple of examples. Hardware Setup The setup is pretty simple. That is not true, the USB is just needed for power. Once the hardware is plugged in and working, the next step is to make sure you have Chrome installed on your Surface. If you do, go to http: Chromecast Extension You should be given the option to install the Chromecast extension at the end of the setup procedure.

What can I play on it?

Can I do VGA to HDMI to hook up my Google Chromecast to my projector?

You can reproduce object-oriented sound in smooth, curving movements, or the realistic three-dimensional movement overhead by the top speakers. Image above shows 5. To learn more, please visit here Dolby Vision Dolby Vision transforms your TV experience with dramatic imaging—incredible brightness, contrast, and color that bring entertainment to life before your eyes. Learn more about Dolby Vision.

X is the next-generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to enable new immersive and interactive audio experiences.

Here’s a list of 10 ways you can connect your computer to a stereo. The easiest method is to use a cable that has a 1/8″ headphone jack at one end, to connect to your computer, and a pair of RCA plugs at the other, to connect to your amplifier or receiver.

Jay loves talking about money, experimenting, blasting hip-hop, and hanging out with his two beautiful boys. You can check out all of his online projects at jmoney. Thanks for reading the blog! Making up for some of that with Netflix. Reply 2 Jay ThinkingWealthy. Ie, you use their hulu and they use your Netflix. Money September 1, at 3: Reply 4 aly November 15, at 3: Reply 5 Vic April 5, at Need a digital convertor for it and other smaller TV is digital about 5 channels come in great but the higher I get an antennae the more I get from in a valley in a valley with surrounding trees.

Oh of course cassette tapes.

How to connect an Android phone or tablet to your TV

The tiny device from the search giant Google was released earlier this year and is selling like hotcakes. Alright, so after quite a bit of research and thoughts, I bought the Google Chromecast from Jadopado. How to set this up? So, I went straight ahead and decided to check it myself and test the device right away. I also hope this would clear some of the doubts and queries you might have with Chromecast.

Sony NSZ-GT1 (1)To connect the Internet TV Box to an AV Receiver The connection method varies depending on the AV Receiver you are using.

Classic piece of packaging and minimal instructions as is usual with Chromecast devices. For the initial set-up I plugged it into a cheap powered Bluetooth speaker with a Aux input. The unit detected my 5G Wi-Fi network pretty quickly. No reception difficulties as it is situated right next to the modem. Set up appears next to the two Chromecast videos I already use. There is an invitation to ‘name’ the device and then enter your internet code. This was followed by a short delay whilst an upgrading was loaded.

The unit comes with a very short yellow 3. When operating the 3. The case also has a small white light which, when steady, indicates all is connected. There is also has a small button which, if it follows the normal pattern is a re-set button.

How to listen to your Smart TV’s Apps in surround sound

Updated March 17th Cables, connectors and adapters — the curse of technology from the day the light bulb was invented. Lacking the right cable with the right connector can bring the highest high-tech to its knees. They used to be completely separate industries.

The Amazon Echo Dot is more versatile with Bluetooth speakers than wired speakers. I picked up a pair of Mackie CR 5 BT. They are monitor type speakers, made to hook up to a computer, but they have built in bluetooth. I cannot run my Echo Dot output through my receiver. I am sure Google Home + Chromecast will do this. Any ideas? Reply.

It can also connect to powered subwoofers to provide enhanced low-frequency performance for your music, movies, HDTV shows, sports and video games. While the amplifier retains the time-tested JBL high-current-capacity HCC , ultra wide bandwidth amplifier design to ensure the most accurate, dynamic sound with enhanced clarity and realism, even at the highest listening levels, a digitally based power supply gives the amplifier all the muscle it needs without the weight of traditional power-supply designs and their heavy transformers.

The net result is a great-sounding product in a smaller form factor that is friendly to the environment. There is no loss of video or audio quality because of format conversion, just full-impact Hollywood excitement as its creators meant you to experience it. Simply connect an iPhone, iPad or USB stick to play your stored tracks through your home entertainment system. Thanks to an advanced power supply, the AVR can deliver high-quality audio in a small, light chassis that uses less metal and plastic.

Colour-coded connectors and binding-post speaker terminals All connections on the AVR are colour-coded to simplify hook-up and reduce errors. What could be easier? Multidevice, programmable remote control The AVR simplifies your life with a programmable infrared IR remote control. The multidevice remote can also control your TV, cable boxes, satellite tuners and other playback sources. For further installation flexibility, there is a volt trigger output and a remote IR sensor input.

How to Connect Your TV To a PC – Without A Rat’s Nest Of Wires

Netflix is available on many Chromecast devices. Netflix streaming features on supported devices include: Chromecasts will work with Netflix wherever Netflix is available, but may only be available for purchase in these regions. Your Chromecast gives you the ability to control your Netflix experience from your Android device, Apple mobile device iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch , or the Netflix website in your Chrome browser with the Google Cast extension installed.

Dec 17,  · Can I hook up my cable box and blu ray to the TV via HDMI (one HDMI for each), BUT ALSO run digital coax or digital optical from each of these directly to my receiver for the audio? I was told that I shouldn’t try and hook up the TV directly to the receiver (the only way I .

The dongle sits between your speakers and your iOS device. Connect the auxiliary port from your speakers to the Anewish receiver, power it up using micro-USB, and turn on the speakers. This means it can keep playing audio from online services like Pandora even if your phone is off you can use controls on your speakers to control playback for online services. If you install the companion AudioCast app , you can hook up multiple receivers together and create a synced multi-room audio setup.

You can use the app to stream from services like Pandora or Spotify on all your speakers. AirFoil AirFoil is a specialized software for streaming audio from your Mac or PC to any kind of device that you can imagine. AirFoil solves the compatibility issue of high-quality wireless audio streaming, and takes the confusion and guessing out of the equation.

Connecting Chromecast to a Yamaha RX-A2000 Receiver